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Virgin Express

Click here to visit the Virgin Express web site. Destinations from London City are:

About Virgin Express

Virgin Express took a fresh approach to lowering airfares. Their theory? Today you can hop on a plane and reach most destinations within Europe in no time. So who needs all the little luxuries? Without them, they can lower operating costs dramatically and concentrate on what matters most: quality service on a consistent basis. With this approach, we can pass along the savings to you. Here's how they do it:

No tickets. The printing, mailing and processing of tickets costs money. So when you contact them for a reservation you'll receive a confirmation number instead. Simply present this number at the Virgin Express desk at the airport, with your valid passport or identity card, and they'll issue you a boarding pass for your confirmed, assigned seat.

No executive lounges, no newspapers. Luxury is nice, but it's hardly a priority during a short trip. So they eliminated expensive add-ons, and focused instead on allround service. Like their dynamic crew, and value-for-money onboard shopping, with a selection of quality goods at low prices.

One type of aircraft. They fly only Boeing 737s. Their pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and personnel are experts in this aircraft - which means there's no need for costly re-training or new work requirements

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