St Etienne

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St Etienne

Some roots are stronger than others. Sometimes the past can forge a powerful and unalterable memory, generation after generation. Some men must continue to build challenge after challenge, keeping their heads, their hearts and their spirits high in the hope to provide a better place to live for generations to come. There are places that no traveller can forget, even if their attachment is only a briefmemory recalled years later.

Decidedly, Saint-Etienne is not just another city. Because here, when you're from Saint-Etienne, be it by birth or adoption, you cannot help but take on this heritage as your own. Here, one is inevitably stimulated by the force of the builders, inventors and creators that have provided France with arms for its defence, with steel for construction, with energy to live and with solidarity to surpass themselves.

Rolling with the punches of history, Saint-Etienne is in perpetual renewal. This continuous development cannot be stopped, carried on by the momentum of past achievements and a strong sense of values ! By the simplicity of those who know the relative importance of their victories. By the ambition of those who refuse to settle for the ordinary. By the thirst to undertake and to create of those who can only be satisfied by repeated success. And by a collective fever so expansive that often, all of France has identified with Saint-Etienne.

Today, Saint-Etienne is facing the challenges of the third millennium with this same drive and courage. With the power of repeated success, with a passion for ambitious projects and the determination and confidence built on past achievements, Saint-Etienne is and will remain a reference for years to come. Be sure that its continued expansion will surprise no one.


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