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Where can you so easily find such a rich variety of landscapes, amazing culinary variations, flavours both native and exotic, a rich blend of settings, and a very unique artistic tradition? - In Alsace, France!

Once you decided whether to use your car or the fast and comfortable local trains, your itinerary should include the following 4 key locations, which require a full day at least: Strasbourg, the capital city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Roman legions never imagined that the place they discovered over 2000 years ago would develop one day into such a charming and culturally rich area. Strasbourg grew rapidly to become a major military and religious stronghold. Trade developed rapidly along the Rhine and all the way to the Baltic Sea and to the rest of the world.

Key political Institutions chose to settle down here: The Council of Europe and the European Parliament both meet in Strasbourg.

Diplomats from over 40 nations attend the Council's conferences regularly to discuss and improve the Human Rights and Educational issues on our Continent. Strasbourg seems to have ignored the usual signs of aging. With a population of 400,000, the city centre is predominantly reserved to pedestrians and cyclists. Sidewalk cafes and colourful half-timbered houses are a pure invitation to walk around in this magnificent old town, through the borough of “La Petite France” for instance. It will be tough to choose in which “Winstub” to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and order a “Baeckeoffe” or a “Tarte Flambée”.


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