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About Dortmund

The strength of our city is expressed most clearly in its variety. Quality of life is influenced by a rich vein of cultural and sporting offers, wonderful parks and an attractive city centre. An excellent public transport network and infrastructure, skilled and hard-working employees, choice investment opportunities and outstanding practice oriented research institutes all go to make Dortmund a primary business location.

Once the sole Free Imperial City in Westphalia, Dortmund had enough self-assurance and internal unity to resist all attempts to incorporate the city into foreign territorial states. Even today, the lifestyle of the people of Dortmund is strongly influenced by Westphalian culture and customs. Owing to its size, its economic strength and its catchment area, Dortmund is at the heart of the region of Westphalia.

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The increasing orientation towards Europe is a reflection of Dortmund's roots as a member of the Hanseatic League and as an industrial city with an international outlook. Globalisation represents a major challenge to Dortmund's economy. And it is in this respect that the favourable geographical location and transport links, its internationally renowned products and services and - not least - its people's cosmopolitan and hospitable nature will give Dortmund the special strength it will need to hold its own in the fierce competition for business being fought by cities and regions across Europe.


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