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About Faro

The roots of Faro, the capital of Algarve, are roots ancient but not well documented. Certainly it was used by Greeks and Romans as a trading post before it became a flourishing Moorish town. Largely devastated by the l755 earthquake, the city now has an architectural hodge-podge of styles and eras.

The centre of Faro is walkable, its character changing as you wander through streets of tiny houses, l9th-century mansions, modern villas and shops. It's a bustling capital (with too much traffic), but it still has considerable charm.

Faro is protected on the seaward side by a huge lagoon dotted with sand banks with the airport on the western edge. The aerial view of Faro, seen by many visitors flying into the airport, is quite spectacular. Some of the sandbanks are huge, especially the outer barrier islands and the southern most point is marked by the Cabo de Santa Maria lighthouse (faro is “lighthouse” in Portuguese).


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