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About Stockholm

Situated on a magnificent archipelago stretching all the way to the Baltic Sea, Stockholm, is a city of impressive beauty both natural and man-made. With over 60% of the city area consisting of waterways, parks and green spaces, Stockholm is one of the most stunning capital cities of the world steeped in tradition and history with a splendid architectural heritage.

Despite the fact that almost 1.6 million people live in the greater Stockholm area, it retains the feel of a relaxed almost laid-back city, characterised by bridges, towers and steeples, cobbled squares and beautiful parks. The pages of Europe's style magazines understandably groan under the weight of material generated by Stockholm's chic café society lifestyle. Throughout the almost endless days of bright summer sunshine, the city's stylish bars, clubs and pavement cafés buzz with activity on into the small hours. Even when the Nordic winter closes in there are plenty of diversions to be had. Skating around the city on frozen waterways is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The modern city is a monument to the high design standards that characterise Sweden on the international stage. The information revolution is very much at home in these surroundings with many leading companies taking up prime locations in the city centre and the new business parks on the outskirts of the city contributing much to the city's prosperity.


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