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About Newquay

The county of Cornwall is a rural, maritime one comprising of the westernmost part of the south west peninsula of England. Its geographical positioning has meant that, until recently, Cornwall has been one of the most remote and isolated parts of Britain, and as such has retained a lot of its own individual identity in its culture and traditions. It has distinctive physical features too - a long, notched coastline, granite moorlands and a warm and mild climate all year round. The first spring warmth starts in January and the summer lasts until late into the year. This combination of features has had a strong impact on the natural and socio-economic development of the county.

Cornwall's best resort, Newquay, lies in the centre of the north coast of Cornwall, where the Atlantic waves and the Gulf Stream have joined forces to construct a coastline of cliffs and soft, golden sand, filled with character. It has easy access to the A30, which makes it a perfect tourist base for touring the county.

Newquay was originally the fishing village of Towan Blystra. Known only for its catch of pilchards, this is where the expression “hue and cry” comes from. The huer in the Huer's Hut on the headland would look out for shoals of fish and would shout out directions to the villagers to take them to the pilchards along the coastline.

Towan Blystra was renamed Newquay in the 18th century when a new quay was built during its development. And Towan Blystra is now the name of a suburban road in the area. Today, Newquay is the most popular holiday spot in Cornwall and one of the most frequented destinations in Britain. Brimming with activity, there are all kinds of things to do from riding and climbing to walking and sunbathing or shopping. Newquay is the paradise of the West Country, with its eleven beaches of soft golden sand spread over seven miles, many of them have great waves for surfing. The beaches stretch for seven miles and lure all ages and interests being a combined, playground, stadium and theatre and an excellent source of family entertainment.


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