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About Teeside

Teesside has a wealth of interesting places to visit and magnificent landmarks to see. It also has the beauty of the surrounding countryside in abundance. For people living outside the area, Teesside probably doesn‘t immediately spring to mind when thinking of somewhere interesting to visit, but to those of us that know and love the area, it is interesting, pretty, historic and exciting.

For starters, there‘s Teesside‘s Bridges, The Transporter and Newport, both outstanding feats of Engineering, there‘s the magnificent Tees Barrage, which offers visitors great views of the river as well as picnic areas, Camping, a restaurant, a bar and The International White Water Course. We‘ve got Hartlepool‘s Historic Quay, which offers visitors an interesting insight into a 18th Century Quayside, complete with shops, period dress and H.M.S. Trincomalee, the second oldest warship still floating which was launched in Bombay in 1817 and has been restored in Hartlepool.

Stockton also has it‘s own Castlegate Quay, which is graced by the magnificent H.M.S. Bark Endeavor, a full sized replica of the famous Captain Cook vessel. From the Castlegate Quay, you can also get a trip down the river for magnificent views of the Tees Barrage. If it‘s good old fashioned seaside fun you‘re looking for, then Redcar‘s the place for you. Good shopping, amusements, donkey rides, boating lake and a great night life all go to make Redcar a great day out for all the family.

On top of all this, Teesside offers a great range many attractions, museums, art galleries, shops, leisure farms and nature trails, sculpture, music and a great range in festivals, all of which will be covered in greater detail.

All in all, as you can see, Teesside is not the dull, industrial, grim area that many people picture in their minds. It is in fact one of this countries most exciting places to live, all you have to do is open your eyes !!!


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